As part of Valentine’s examination of modern love, Motley has delved into the world of bad dates, personal essays and poetry. Our final poem in our poetry series is ‘Your Portrait’ by Jamie Aspell


Your portrait, 

hanging in my eye. 

It swings upon a fraying thread

yearning for the ground. 

I did not put it there,

I cannot take your picture down. 


Lig dom saor 

níl áit agat anseo

ar cúlra lom 

is thú an t-aon rud ann 


Time and temper have changed me,

but you remain the same. 

A smiling face amidst strokes of green and brown, 

you hide amongst the colours. 


Flecks of acrylic have begun to peel, 

my eye is failing now. 

However much your features fade, 

I cannot take your picture down. 


By Jamie Aspell

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