The series returns in a giant way, writes Dan Webb

It is always an exciting time when a person’s favourite franchise returns for another run.

Anime has become quite prevalent in western markets in recent years, and in Ireland it is as big as any Saturday morning cartoon.

One in particular, Attack On Titan, has enjoyed a strong presence, both on television through a successful animated serial and on the videogame front, with several games available on all platforms. The animated show, which recently completed its second season run, is now slated to return for season three in a big way.


Based on the original manga created by Hajime Isayama, AOT tells the story of a civilization of ordinary people fighting back to defend themselves from a race of man eating giants called Titans, hence the name. Known for its adult orientated direction, the AOT anime has dealt with several different themes. These include longing to escape from home, war, regret, violence and destruction and above all else, death. What AOT season three brings to the table is yet to be discovered. If you are interested in checking out the first two seasons, they are both available to stream on Netflix.

When AOT Season 2 was released, animation studio Funimation gave it a limited release in cinemas throughout the western world. Whether or not we will see a return to this distribution model for season three is a mystery at this time. Attack on Titan season three is scheduled for a spring 2018 release.


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