Words by Rose Keating

Eoin Glackin, Dublin born singer-songwriter, has returned to the Irish alt-rock scene with his new single Wear It While You Can, due to be released this coming October 27th. Glackin has proved himself to be an eclectic artist in the past, from his self-titled album which dabbled in rock roots, to his Pretty Girl EP, which drifted towards a more sonic pop sound. Unsurprisingly, Glackin’s new single is a continuation on this display of extensive genre  variety, bringing a hearty country vibe to the table.

Credit: http://www.eoinglackin.com/

Wear It While You Can contains a robust and upbeat tune that, if you are anything like myself, will leave you struggling not to sway your hips and clap your hands in time to the lighthearted, folksy beat. The single was inspired by the story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1960, who was allegedly almost tackled by the organiser of the event when he realised a woman was running his marathon. Come on ladies, back to the kitchen we go. This song is a shout out to feminine rebellion, wild and full of gleeful energy.

This story takes on a fable-like aspect in this song, delivering the message “Do it for yourself, not for any man’’ In an ecstatic manner.

Although I do enjoy the deeper layers to this single, it must be said, the romping, barn-dance quality of this song is really just an absolute treasure. I’m wiggling my shoulders and doing my best not to hum too loudly even as I type out these words. This is a bop that is purely a hoot and a half. We’ve all got to let our hair down and gyrate those hips every now and again, and this song is the perfect anecdote for that need.


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