Deputy Fashion Editor Kaia Purcell brings you her top five app recommendations for those tech-savvy fashionistas out there. 

In a world where we feel comfortable (and frankly, glad) to delegate even the most menial of tasks to technology, we are experiencing the many ways in which technology is bringing the world closer within our reach. The fashion world is no exception to this. From virtual fashion shows promoting accessibility, sustainability, and safety in a socially distanced world, to the ability to sell your clothes online. Increasingly, our interaction with the fashion world happens through our smartphones. Here are my top five apps which you may find yourself turning to (if you haven’t already) to simplify different aspects of your fashion life. And they’re all totally free – yay!


1. Depop

This one is definitely not news to you. The clothing resale app was launched in 2011 and has grown tremendously over the last nine years as more people choose to steer away from fast fashion and invest in vintage and preloved garments. Uploading images and descriptions is but the work of minutes with this super user friendly application. With over 21 million users on Depop, this online alternative provides an accessible virtual marketplace, allowing you to turn a profit without dealing with issues such as store overheads or staffing (or getting up early on a Sunday to go to a vintage market).


2. StyleBook

If you ever wondered why our wardrobes never progressed technologically as predicted in 90s movie Clueless, then take a look at apps like Stylebook. Allowing you to photograph the contents of your wardrobe including clothing, accessories and footwear, this app provides you with the space to categorise, organise and outfit plan using everything you already own. However, this app may be in need of a reboot considering that information on this app still needs to be manually inputted (ie. you need to take pictures of everything. EVERYTHING). Not an easy or quick task for most, but definitely a step in the right direction to living your best Cher Horowitz life.


3. Good On You

 When it comes to making conscious decisions while shopping Good On You, favoured by many including Emma Watson, helps you make more ethical choices. While browsing, you can easily type any brand into the search feature which will in turn generate a rating based on factors like planet, people and animals in their production process. Paired with a summary of the brands practices and an advisory based on them, this is an app that any conscious shopper should definitely take a look at.


4. Pinterest

This app 100% deserves a space on this list for the simple fact that it offers so much more than just fashion. If you can relate to a childhood of cutting out magazine pictures to create physical mood boards/wishlists/lookbooks, then Pinterest is totally essential. With the ability to add your own images or “Pins” in addition to accessing a whole variety of others including webpages, this is the perfect space to get creative with your style by taking inspiration from others and from exposure to fashion houses and designers the world over. It’s also a great resource for ideas on upcycling clothes, mending garments or for getting some cute and free patterns for the craft of your choice, if you’re so inclined.


5. Bezzu

One of the greatest upsides to technological advances in the fashion world is definitely the increased accessibility and exposure to homegrown fashion brands. Apps like Bezzu work to showcase independent Irish retailers, providing them with a platform to share their wares in an easily accessible and user friendly app. With functions like shopping by location to allow you to shop stores in your area and the ability to filter results according to price and size, this app is the perfect one to use to support Irish businesses this Christmas season.