As part of Motley’s series on the examination of drugs through the lens of poetry, Ava Ní  Loinsigh presents a sympathetic piece on the hardship of alcohol abuse.


The Liquidity of Affairs

It’s because of her in the early hours that he screams and shouts,

A liquid mistress in the night she sashays in and lures him out,


So sweet and warm that like so many others he’ll never be the same,

So part of him that her poison courses through his veins,


Life is hard but she softens the edges, gives him the taste of a dream,

He is of course unbeatable now she’s on his team,


She comforts him as he cries  and at her feet he purrs,

He’s served with an ultimatum it’ll have to be me or her,


The man he slumps slightly, unsteady as he thinks,

With a watery smile, what an easy decision “It’ll have to be the drink”