A New Love Story: Taylor Swift Releases First Rerecording of Old Work

Alana Daly Mulligan still feels guilty about ripping ‘folklore’ a new one, this article is redemption for that while also being a general gush on being in love with the new rerecording of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’.   As I rolled out of bed on Friday morning (12th February) groaning about the prospects of the […]

Swiping Right on Wittgenstein: Navigating Online Dating in the Era of Times Unprecedented

Like all other aspects of life in the current era of isolation, online dating has seen substantial changes in the actions and behaviours of its players, leading to all the more often misunderstood signs and subliminal messages that makes one think, “what the hell does this mean?” – The Motley features desk has your back. […]

Valentines Poetry #4 – Your Portrait

As part of Valentine’s examination of modern love, Motley has delved into the world of bad dates, personal essays and poetry. Our final poem in our poetry series is ‘Your Portrait’ by Jamie Aspell   Your portrait,  hanging in my eye.  It swings upon a fraying thread yearning for the ground.  I did not put […]

Valentines Poetry #3 – You Look Like You Know Me

As part of Valentine’s examination on modern love, Motley has delved into the world of bad dates, personal essays and poetry. Aaron O’Neill shares his thoughtful words   You Look Like You Know Me   You look like you know me When your skin stretches wide And your eyes take flight Between your face And […]

Battle of the Bad Dates – stories that will make you value Valentine’s day loneliness

While many of us are itching to get out there and have some unsocially distanced fun times, here are some dating horror stories that would you make you think twice before going for a sneaky shift and drift. Compiled and edited by Niamh Browne   First Impressions: It was the first time I stayed at […]

Ten Tips to Write A Love Song

It is nice to love and be loved, so the fact that so many artists turn to love for inspiration is no surprise. While Nick Cave has described love songs as “a howl in the void”, they don’t really have to be that morbid. Love songs have the potential to be brilliant (Wichita Lineman). But […]