The Brexit deal: a solution to some, but not all problems

A new year, a new deal, regained British sovereignty, but what does this mean for the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic? Motley’s Conor Daly discusses.    A joint sigh of relief at the announcement of the agreed Brexit deal between the UK and the EU was possibly the first time both sides had the […]

2020 Vision: the Current Affairs Edit

  Maeve McTaggart and Molly Kavanagh explore what the New Year looks to bring in politics – brace yourselves for the roaring ‘20s.    BREXIT… finally (-ish). Boris Johnson, flanked by his newly-found and Labour-debilitating majority of 80 MPs, has finally received the go ahead to depart – crashing or otherwise – from the European […]

Brexit: A Breakdown

  With the Brexit deadline quickly approaching, many people are still unsure of what Brexit actually means. We all know that the term is an amalgamation of the words ‘British’ and ‘Exit,’ in reference to Great Britain’s unexpected vote to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. But beyond that, the implications of a […]

Brexit – A Blessing In Disguise for UCC Students?

Motley’s Editor-in-chief, Eoin McSweeney, examines what Brexit means for Ireland and it’s youngest and brightest It looked like David Cameron had steered the ship to safety. His promise to lead his crew to new heights of prosperity was becoming a reality and his gamble had paid off. His and the UK’s destination could be seen […]