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Poetry- Growth

By Saoirse Ní Dhonnabháin Growth Sweet flesh transformed  scraping teeth, dry eyes, flaking skin, skin so swollen trying to cope I feel the affects more than ever now  something is growing  festering  Eating and drinking and consuming my blood, my life, my energy, my calcium  engorging my body, bursting my breasts  ripping and tearing and […]

Marie and the Supremes: 

Motley’s Editor in Chief Niamh Browne speaks to Justice Marie Baker on her time in UCC, her career as a barrister and her role as the first woman from Munster to sit on the Irish Supreme Court.  Justice Baker is an exceptional individual, as anyone who sits on Ireland’s highest court is assumed to be. […]

Editorial V- Vagina Monologues

Niamh Browne – Editor in Queef   Aristotle once defined woman as a ‘deficient man’. That she was somehow hollow, empty or lacking something fundamental of the qualities that man possessed. This quality of lacking meant she was inferior. The origin and structure of patriarchy is long, complicated and disputed but there is no doubt […]

The Best Places for Modern Love On Campus

A contributing writer explains how UCC can facilitate your love life, in more ways than one.   For the vast majority of us, UCC is the place we have to call home for several years. While that is something to be sad about, it is not without merit as a stage for finding someone to […]

A Farewell To UCC’s Mummy- A huge W for Edward Said

Motley’s Editor-in-Chief Niamh Browne discusses the repatriation of UCC’s mummy and how the British Museum could learn a thing or two.    I don’t know if you’re sentimental about what happens to you after you die. I know I am not. Just fuck me into an old McDonald’s happy meal carton for all I care. […]

Photoshoot: UCC Visitor Center

  Credits:   Photographer: Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Models: Em Egan Reeve @e_r_em Klaudia Kulas @Klaudia.exe Saoirse Lyons @saoirselyons   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Clothes: Visitor Centre @uccvisitorscentre