A #SE16 Masterclass

Dion Davis gives a quick political seminar on how the Seanad elections will work. The General Election has come and gone, and although we are still unsure of the outcome for a possible government, the show must go on – Seanad elections are commencing.   Seanad Éireann elections seem long and complicated, however, this is […]

Ireland, Britain and the EU: A Marriage or Divorce of Convenience?

With Britain questioning its EU membership, Claire Fox asks what such a ‘divorce’ would mean for Ireland Ireland has always had an issue with separation. It took us 700 years to separate from Britain, a separation which dragged on until 1949 in which we finally severed all ties with our neighbour and declared ourselves a […]

The Rise of Corbyn

As Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn settles into his role as newly elected leader of the Labour Party, Brian O’ Connor gives his take on this rise to power. May 2015 is a month in British Political history that will not be looked upon with much grace by supporters of the UK Labour Party. On May […]

Peter Robinson’s Resignation: Are the Troubles truly over?

Dylan O’Connell investigates an issue we all thought had been left behind… On the 28th of May 1974, following five months of the proposed Sunningdale Experiment, Northern Ireland’s first Minister Brian Faulkner resigned his seat; collapsing the power sharing government and condemning Northern Ireland to twenty four years of direct rule from Westminster. Fast forward […]