What will Ireland look like in 2040?

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill speaks to Minister Simon Coveney about his new National Planning Framework proposal and the Fine Gael leadership change When I arrived in Minister Simon Coveney’s constituency office I am greeted by an amiable secretary, with whom I participate in small talk with in regards to the Minister’s no doubt packed […]

The Bull In The China Shop

Current Affairs Editor Hassan Baker interviews Professor Ann Lee on the Chinese Economy. In every Trump campaign speech montage that we’ve been bombarded with on social media, we’ve heard the word ‘China’ with an alluring emphasis on the ‘n’, repeated like some sort of hypnotic mantra. However the Trump campaign and the media have never […]

French Election 2016: Stabilizing or the next big shock?

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill assesses the candidates of the upcoming French presidential election While the aftershock of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election vi ctory continues to reverberate in the global political hemisphere, another of the world’s traditional major powers is steeling itself for its own day at the polling stations in 2017. On April […]

Irish Health Care: A Fundamental Reform Proposition

Current Affairs Editor Hassan Baker interviews Róisín Shortall TD on the health service reform proposed by her party, The Social Democrats. The long waiting periods, and not enough beds or trollies are all the rage when it comes to any discussion regarding the Department of Health. The Social Democrats are proposing a reformation of the […]

Portrait of a New America

Let’s paint a picture of Trump’s America…. Máirín-Rua Ní Aodha illustrates the limbo period between President-Elect Trump and President Trump. Donald trump shocked the world by securing victory as president-elect on the 8th of November. He has not left the headlines since his surprise win and is the subject of endless discussion, not least because he […]

Medical Cannabis; The 2016 Bill

FORMER UCC SSDP AUDITOR, OLIVIA TEAHAN, SPEAKS TO GINO KENNY TD AND DISCUSSES THE LEGALISATION OF MEDICAL CANNABIS UNDER THE 2016 BILL In 2013, we saw Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan’s Cannabis Regulation Bill defeated in the Dáil. Most TDs opposed the full legalisation of cannabis. However, the debate on Ireland’s drug-related issues was most welcome, as […]