Capitalism is Killing this Planet

Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady argues that the current economic system is destroying our planet as the billionaire class booms in tandem with our world’s hunger for capital expansion.  First things first, let us define our terms: Capitalism is the dominant economic philosophy used globally by nation states and is based on the […]

Top of the Class

For Eithne Kavanagh, winning the USI Mature Student of the Year award came as a welcome surprise during a less than usual March (pronounced: “lockdown”). “It’s a strange one, as I really didn’t expect to win. So when they said my name I was completely shocked,” she confesses. “Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, a […]

Opinion: Has the increating prevalance of automation and social media led to a demise in human interaction?

 Has the increasing prevalence of automation and social media led to a demise in human interaction?    Eve Roches talks us through her fears about the impact of technology on the development of the world. Technology is an ever-increasing part of our daily lives. We wake up and check our phones for daily news and […]

OPINION: First time renters in Cork face far too awful living conditions

    Thousands of us became renters for the first time September 2019, and thousands the year before that and so on. This is a completely new experience to us, whether we’re in student accommodation, in digs or if we’re in the private rental market.  The last report Cork Simon did in November 2019 stated […]

UCC’S Toilets – Ranked

    You all asked, and we listened: Eilís Cooney takes us on a trip around UCC’s favourite facilities. Ed note: this piece nor its author is in no way affiliated with the Instagram account @anotherdirtytoilet or its admin. In fact, this has been in my inbox since September, only Eilís provided us with too […]

We need to talk about Ireland’s attitudes to young people.

  Immediately before I started writing this, I went on to my town’s community Facebook page.  It took approximately one minute to find what I was looking for. A discussion filled with comments on how the young people are a “disgrace”, that they’re filled with “the usual excuses”, and how they shouldn’t “wonder why they […]