BONDiNG – A Review

Deputy Entertainment Editor Rebeckah McCarthy offers her thoughts on Netflix’s darkly erotic comedy series.   BONDiNG is an American dark comedy television series which premiered on Netflix April 24th 2019. The sex themed dark comedy is reported to be loosely based on the personal experience of the show’s creator Rightor Doyle.  Without giving too much […]

An Entertainment Revolution

  Tadhg MacCionnaith explains the rapid evolution of entertainment. From YouTube to Netflix to the upcoming MEANS TV, Tadhg wonders how radical this revolution will get.   As you are all aware, streaming seems to be the direction in which entertainment is going at the moment. First there was Youtube, which has gone from hosting […]

Stranger Things Season 2

Entertainments Editor Leanne O’Connor Desmond looks at what we can expect in season two. Stranger Things, the Netflix original TV series by the Duffer brothers. is due to return this October 27th. The first season of the show explored the mysterious town of Hawkins and followed the adventures of Mike, Dustin and Lucas as they […]


Words: Anna McCarthy Making a Murderer is the latest documentary mega hit series from Netflix, capturing a Wisconsin man’s attempt to prove his innocence in two separate trials. It is a story that follows Steven Avery’s journey from being falsely prosecuted for attempted rape resulting in him spending 18 years in jail, to being the […]

Interview with Julie Lake of OITNB: Every Sentence is a Story

We sent Entertainment Editor Riley to Litchfield Penitentiary to catch up with everybody’s favourite inmate, Julie Lake, who plays lovable ‘meth-head’ Angie Rice. The show on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now is undoubtedly the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, which this year released a third season. OITNB has taken the […]