Shadow and Bone’s Fantastical Adaptation 

Deputy Entertainment editor Chloe Barrett discusses Netflix’s recently released adaptation based on the bestselling novels while exploring its integral theme of resistance. Leigh Bardugo’s fantastical world, commonly referred to as the ‘Grishaverse’, has had two epic seasons on Netflix, with the latter having been released only a month ago. Within it live unforgettable characters, intricate […]

Female Sexuality Depicted in Jane the Virgin

Baneen Talpur discusses the popular television show and how it conquers sex related stereotypes that have plagued women for generations. “Hold the flower in your hand Jane,” Jane’s grandma asks her. “Now crush it and bring it back together, you can’t right? This is what happens when you lose your virginity, you CANNOT GO BACK.” […]

How Netflix’s Heartbreak High Shows Love For Us Outsiders

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose reviews Heartbreak High. (WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Heartbreak High.)   In September 2022, the remake of the hit Australian 1990s TV series Heartbreak High premiered on Netflix, and as a way of taking breaks to ease myself back into the swing of college work, I decided to watch […]

Why Wednesday Didn’t Need A Love Interest

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose asks serious questions of Netflix’s newest hit, Wednesday. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Wednesday (it’s been like three months people where have you been?)   Wednesday, Netflix’s highly anticipated spin off series starring the daughter of the Addams Family, gained worldwide attention when it set the new record […]

Declan de Barra: An Irish Born Talent

Deputy editor Lisa Ahern details her discussion with Irish writer and musician Declan de Barra, who has worked for The Witcher, The Originals and Iron Fist.  Declan de Barra chatted to me on a Zoom call while he was overseas on and I was sat in my manager’s office in a retail shop with the […]

The Witcher: Blood Origin- A Review

Deputy Editor Lisa Ahern shares her honest take on the new fantasy series The Witcher;Blood Origin.    To all Henry Cavill lovers, unfortunately this show is not for you because The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel series that takes place in the Witcher Universe 1,200 years prior to the action of the original series. […]