Gladrags: Motley’s Best Loved Clothing Items

Presented here are a selection of our Motley staff members showcasing their most cherished wardrobe items. From badass platform boots to comfortable and reliable staple pieces, they tell us a little bit about what clothing means to them and how wearing their favourite outfit can help make them feel that bit better.   Alana Daly Mulligan, […]

Editorial – Issue #1

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Motley Magazine is undoubtedly the most memorable and positive outlier for me in this most bizarre and socially-tectonic of years. Taking this publication into the future is a distinct and singular honour. I take on this role cognisant of the high standards set by my predecessors and with a determination to […]

What’s next

    As each college year comes to an end, we inevitably reminisce on all we have done since we were landed back in UCC in September. Of our highest highs, and our lowest lows, our greatest achievements and our biggest flops. Although the year seems to pass in just the blink of an eye, […]

For One Last Time

    Something that has never failed to amaze me is just how much the world changes, in ways both big and small, between the release of each monthly issue of Motley. Holding the position of editor gives you a unique view of that world, as you respond to those changes everyday. Something you don’t […]

Interview: Le Galaxie

Robbie Byrne talks to Le Galaxie frontman Michael Pope about breaking into the festival mainstage scene, Kung Fury, and all that facial hair.   It’s easy to get your band name horribly wrong. The Beatles is an idiotic name. Think about it; it’s just a dumb musical pun drawn from a species of insect. Now […]

SU President Election Q&A

Candidates for this Year’s SU Presidential Race recently sat down with Eoin McSweeney to talk manifestos and election promises George Gill Q: So you’ve mentioned in your manifesto an SU lottery. Do you think that students will have the money to participate in this? Well the tickets could be as low as a euro or two. I think […]