Populism is Good for Your Mental Health: Here’s Why

Dionne O’Mahony takes a look at the resources people have when democracy simply isn’t serving them.   Populism has always been framed as the big guy vs the underdog. It is ‘for the people’, rather than ‘elite’. While populism is neither good nor bad, it is merely a democratic tool, be it right or left. […]

The Brexit deal: a solution to some, but not all problems

A new year, a new deal, regained British sovereignty, but what does this mean for the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic? Motley’s Conor Daly discusses.    A joint sigh of relief at the announcement of the agreed Brexit deal between the UK and the EU was possibly the first time both sides had the […]

Leave No Trace

In collaboration with Motley photographers Diego Leon, Rebecca Dineen, and Carly Fitzgerald, Fashion Editor Grace Claro brings you Motley’s very own socially distanced photoshoot. 

The Romantic Green Party’s Dead and Gone, It Is Now Time That We Moved On

Motley’s Niamh Browne and Emer Walsh take a look at the transformation of Ireland’s Green Party and explain why it is time to ghost them just like they did their progressive cause.  The Green Party has always been a safe option for the liberal voter concerned with the environment and sustainability.  One such voter was […]

OPINION: First time renters in Cork face far too awful living conditions

    Thousands of us became renters for the first time September 2019, and thousands the year before that and so on. This is a completely new experience to us, whether we’re in student accommodation, in digs or if we’re in the private rental market.  The last report Cork Simon did in November 2019 stated […]

Editorial: The Pandemic of Systemic Oppression

Motley Editor-in-Chief Matthew Moynihan reflects on the seismic shift instigated by the murder of George Floyd Beyond the disturbing fog of tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets, a hopeful future has been emerging over the past fourteen days. Society at large has woken up to the issues faced by our minority friends, family and […]