Jamie’s Story

Jamie moved to Blarney from the city when he was eleven years old. He moved in next door to his cousin, who he called his best friend. He also lived close to his grandparents’ house but at the time he lived with his mother and his mother’s partner. His mother’s partner did not get on […]

People of the Quad

On the 25th of February, UCC students took to the Quad, sacred ground, where no one treads for fear of failing their exams, and camped on it.  Why was this? To protest a proposed 3% increase in rent rates in UCC student accommodation. The occupation had to be terminated on the 12th of March due […]

General Election 2020: The debate of cannabis, crime and no clear winners.

Maeve McTaggart analyses the first leaders’ debate of #GE2020 where talk of healthcare and housing dominated, complemented by a cringe-worthy moment on cannabis use.  Joined at the hip under a confidence-and-supply agreement since 2016, the separation of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael was not to come at the Virgin Media studios on Wednesday night. Pat […]

Motley Tries: An Investigation into Homelessness

By Hannah Kingston Ice-cold he lay there with no one to care. In December 2014, Mr. John Cotter, 43 was found in a doorway on Molesworth Street. Enda Kenny said €55m had been set aside to deal with the homeless and a huge social housing programme initiated. “Homelessness is a complicated matter,” said Mr. Kenny, […]