Mystic Mc’s Magical Predictions: April Horoscopes

Cian Gerard McDonnell, astrophysicist turned astrologer lets us in on the highs, but mostly the lows, the future of work has in store for us.    Aries: After three straight months of working from home, and very little else, you will be apprehensive of venturing outside the 5 km limit. Still, that’s not a new […]

The Liquidity of Affairs

As part of Motley’s series on the examination of drugs through the lens of poetry, Ava Ní  Loinsigh presents a sympathetic piece on the hardship of alcohol abuse.   The Liquidity of Affairs It’s because of her in the early hours that he screams and shouts, A liquid mistress in the night she sashays in […]


This month, Motley exams drug use through the lens of poetry. Amano Miura presents a beautifully crafted pensive poem.    prescription   “Is it doing anything for ya?”  Well, I’m not sure to be frank.  Though my dreams are more  like VR now   a nightly heart attack.  “You won’t get hooked now will ya?”  Well, my […]

A Thousand Tricks

This month, Motley presents a series examining drugs through the lens of poetry. Second in this series is Sinead Mckweon’s thoughtful examination on excess. This is ‘A Thousand Tricks’. A Thousand Tricks    We look into the mirror of carnival tricks  Drink, Drugs, Beauty  We hide, we waste and we cover  our fears and our […]

15 minutes

  In Motley series examining drug use through the lens of poetry, we first have a contribution by Imasha Costa with her melancholic piece ‘15 minutes’   15 minutes   a bump, a high. loneliness and heartbreak devours me, the fine lines neatly pressed. 15 minutes.  ecstasy and pleasure; remind me of times i was […]

The Origins of the Manic Pixie Dream Addict: Deconstructing the Male Gaze

Fourteen years ago, the celebrated teen drama ‘Skins’ was aired. Since it’s release, ‘Skins’ became emblematic of hedonistic adolescent culture with the highs and lows of first love, family drama and drug experimentation. One character has become a spiritual totem of this show- Effy Stonem. Girls want to be her and men want to be […]