Natalia Karolina Gawlas – Deputy Editor Current Affairs Natalia Gawlas shines light on the oppression of women which, for decades, has been a topic avoided by many. Right now, women in the West are rightly fighting to prohibit the gender pay gap and workplace sexism, in addition to ensuring bodily autonomy and reproductive health rights. […]

Editorial 1 – Gender

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Emer Walsh While initially filled with excitement at the prospect of returning to campus, I found it hard to plan for college this year. In an era governed by constant uncertainty, I had little idea of what to expect. But I’m surprised, and pleasantly so.  I’m hesitant to term this […]

Societies Spotlight

Hello everyone! My name is Mair Kelly (She/Her) and I’m the Vice-President and PR and Media Officer for UCC Societies Executive this year. My role involves highlighting all the different events and opportunities Societies offer so people can get involved!   What is a Society?   Societies are groups run by students for students that […]

Navigating the New Normal: an interview with UCC’s Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi to discuss his new book, UBI, and the role of philosophy in forging a better future

By Ellen C. Byrne The return to ‘normality’ is looming on the horizon. There has been much talk of the ‘new normal’, but we seem to be inclining moreso towards a re-establishment of life as we knew it— and I don’t think enough people are reflecting on whether that would be such a good thing.  […]

Age and the City:

 From pedestrianisation to public toilets, how planning Corks urban area with the elderly in mind comes to benefit the lives of young adults. UCC planning master’s student Declan Foley tells Motley what Cork city needs to get right One of the greatest megatrends we are to witness during this century is that of an ageing […]

Worker exploitation and the dark side of “isms”: when cash piles higher than moral standards

by Conor Daly  Capitalism, commercialism, and consumerism have combined to make more products available at lower prices than ever before, but what is the opportunity cost? Current Affairs Staff Writer Conor Daly writes.  Despite what the above introduction may lead you to believe, this will not be a socialist manifesto, far from it. Capitalism itself […]