Iran; a Revolutionary People

Contributing writer Conor Hogan examines how the history of Iranian uprising illuminates the resilience of its inhabitants Firdaus Noman shook her head. “How can a woman’s face be the enemy of Islam?” She asked angrily. Anees took her hands in his. “For these idiots it’s all about sex, maej, excuse me. They think it is […]

King Charles III: the Death of Monarchy in the North?

Features and Opinions Editor, Édith de Faoite, explores the surprise, sorrow and celebration following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.   I often see things that surprise me, but when I saw a video on Twitter of Michelle O’ Neill and the newly-crowned King Charles III, it took me a second to believe it. The […]

Starstruck- Bob Geldof Speaks to Motley  

HotPress Student Ambassador and Motley’s staff writer Ava Sommers sits down with Sir Bob Geldof and pick his brain on his attempt at space exploration, the Boomtown Rats and modern Ireland for young creatives.   Each year, the UCC Law Society presents a Mutatio Factorem award to an Irish person who have  made a difference […]

NASA and the Crowd

Ashlin O’Sullivan talks Motley readers through the crowd labour used in to find new discoveries in our galaxy.   In 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto after spending more than 7000 hours staring into a blink comparator, a device used by astronomers to compare images of the same part of the night sky over time by […]

Not Just Spaced Out – Epileptic Absent Seizures

Contributing writer Jessica Anne Rose details the experiences of those with Epilepsy and gives guidance on how to deal with seizures.    Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and can cause frequent seizures. What I have learned over the last few years is that people’s perception of epilepsy is hugely stereotyped, and as […]

UCCSU Spotlight: Education Officer Candidate, Stephen O’Riordan

By Emer Walsh Currently in his fourth year of a BSc in Applied Maths and Physics, former School of Science, Engineering and Food Science Representative and Council Chair of the UCC Student Union, Stephen O’riordan is running to be the Student Union’s Education Officer for the 2022/23 Academic year, the only full-time role being contested […]