Sex and Relationships and Their Influence on Fashion.

Fashion and sex make unsurprising bedfellows. As an expression of one’s inner self, fashion is used to create characters and alter egos, act as armor in defense of an oftentimes unforgiving world and bolster political statements. Throughout history, it has solidified iconic careers in the mainstream consciousness and, of course, caused scandal and controversy. Equally, […]

Women in Leadership: be it Politics or Pageantry

Motley’s Deputy Fashion Editor Kaia Purcell tells us about how doing an ‘unfeminist’ thing: entering the 2020 Miss Cork Beauty Pageant – was a means of cultivating her leadership skills and helped her develop her feminist voice.     When I began my journey in university, I still wasn’t all that sure of myself and my […]

From Topshop to No Shop: The Decline of a Fashion Retail Giant

Niamh Buckley discusses the recent acquisition of the Topshop brand by prolific online retailer ASOS.   ASOS has taken over Topshop, absorbing it and other brands from the Arcadia group into its corporation. Considering the recent surge in online fashion retail, then this development does not come as a total shock. Personally, I stopped shopping […]

For The Love Of Fashion

“The relationship between today’s society and the influencers of the fashion world is powerful, bordering obsessive, and certainly unrequited. So why is it that we feel the need to lean so heavily on both celebrities and influencers for fashion inspiration? Why is it that so many of us can’t decide for ourselves what style we […]

Political Threads: Becoming More Than an Outfit

 “Why in the name of God is there a man standing in the Chambers of the US Capitol wearinggoat horns?” To answer that, I pose another question: “Why does AOC always wear redlipstick?” From insurrection to Lady Hale’s iconic brooch, Emer O’Sullivan weighs in on thegendered hypocrisy of fashion in politics. Back in semester one […]

A Week in My Wardrobe: January Edition

“Working stylish, bright, and fun seasonal pieces into my year-round wardrobe is something that I try really hard to do, not only because it is more sustainable and means I get more wear out of my clothes, but also because it brings with it a bit of Summer light and joy into dark and boring […]