Space Colonisation, Crops and Cork

The traction on the idea of space exploration has gone from a mere dwindling flame to raging fire in the last number of years. Sam Golden tells Motley why.   Interest on the subject of space has not seen as much activity since the days of the space race in the 1950’s. However, unlike the […]

NASA and the Crowd

Ashlin O’Sullivan talks Motley readers through the crowd labour used in to find new discoveries in our galaxy.   In 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto after spending more than 7000 hours staring into a blink comparator, a device used by astronomers to compare images of the same part of the night sky over time by […]

The Deep Seas Should be Prioritised over Space Exploration

Leah Moynihan makes the case that the greatest discoveries can be made here, on our own planet.    We are searching for oceans underneath Jupiter’s moon, yet only 5% of our deep seas are explored. Debate about whether space exploration resources should instead be put into investigating our deep seas has been ongoing for the […]