Exam Season

Motley Staff Writer Sadhbh Sullivan gives you some tips on how to cope in an exam situation, and what to do leading up to an exam With the excitement of Christmas comes the fear of exam season. They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun,’ but unfortunately, it also flies when you’re not. In the […]

Study Season

Motley Staff Writer Sadhbh Sullivan gives you some tips and tricks on how to tackle your first study season during your time here in UCC The novelty of Freshers’ week (or month, for some) has finally worn off, and it seems as though everyone has begun to settle into a more structured routine, balancing lectures, […]

“I haven’t started studying yet either”

We sent Kyle Malone out in the cold to capture the atmosphere of this oh so festive time in UCC. With the Christmas season in full swing, students are now sadly bracing themselves for exams. I went out and about on campus to see just how UCC’s best and brightest are coping with this challenging […]

Boole Library Sit-In coincides with 150th anniversary of George Boole

Ellen Desmond With official exam season now upon us, UCC students are fighting for extended opening hours in their library. The protests, led by UCC Students’ Union, have been prompted by the allegedly “inadequate” Boole Library opening hours. The current opening hours are being seen as even more inadequate in light of the newly semesterised exam system. Winter […]