Where are all the women in the 33rd Dáil?

  The 2016 election was the first to be beholden to the gender quota and flanked by the referenda of marriage quality and repeal, it elected more women to Leinster House than ever before. In the results February of 2020, Maeve McTaggart muses upon why it matters that the changing tide of political representation has […]

The Journey to Reproductive Rights

  From its 1983 insertion into the Constitution to its repeal by referendum in 2018, the 8th Amendment has long dictated cultural, political and social attitudes towards the reproductive rights of Irish women. Ashlin O’Sullivan explores how the journey to and from the 8th is still far from its final destination.  On January 1st 2019, […]

Why the world needs meninism. Really.

    “Men are trash”, “Why are men great till they gotta be great?”, “Boo men”. These are all things you will hear Niamh Browne say on occasion. Ardent feminist and friend to some men, who better to talk about the crises in modern masculinity?    Yes, poor men, poor, poor men who benefit from […]

Bare Bones: The Lingering Spirit of Sexism in Halloween Costuming

  Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes the inevitable cold gust that lets us all know winter is well on its way. To the vast majority that would signal a time to start layering up and doing our best to stay warm. However, it appears design teams creating women’s Halloween costumes have a […]

A Slice of the Pie

How can we tackle increasing income inequality, asks Charles Daniel Nolan Populism was certainly a buzzword of 2017, and beyond the dystopian hysteria it has been driven by unsettling global trends – front and centre of which has been the rise of income inequality globally. The inaugural World Inequality Report, released before Christmas, highlighted that […]