The Art of Impact

Head of Staff-Writing, Kane Geary O’Keefe highlights the importance of climate-conscious arts through the pandemic and offers a review of the books, films and music that kept him sane, in an all too insane time.  Speaking from experience, I consumed more media during our national lockdown this year than healthy meals. The arts endure a […]

Funny & Fabulous – Motley Speaks to Kevin & PJ of the “I’m Grand Mam” Podcast

Rebeckah McCarthy speaks to the effervescent duo Kevin and PJ of the “I’m Grand Mam” podcast about living it large in London, gaining a cult following and how podcasters as influencers have a duty to use their platform to call for greater eco-consciousness.  I’m Grand Mam is a podcast that was created by two fabulous […]

Environmentalism in Esports: Interview with FlyQuest’s CEO Tricia Sugita

Entertainment Editor Jack Coleman interviews the CEO of FlyQuest, Tricia Sugita, and examines the climate conscious policies that have been implemented in the esports team since her elevation to her new role. Esports is awash with venture capital. According to Forbes, the most valuable organisations in esports are now worth over $400 million. As a […]

An Entertainment Revolution

  Tadhg MacCionnaith explains the rapid evolution of entertainment. From YouTube to Netflix to the upcoming MEANS TV, Tadhg wonders how radical this revolution will get.   As you are all aware, streaming seems to be the direction in which entertainment is going at the moment. First there was Youtube, which has gone from hosting […]

Troye Sivan: ‘Bloom’ Review

Our Editor Laurie Shelly reviews the young Australian pop-star’s latest album ‘Bloom’ “I’m taking in the sights and measuring the sounds.” On “Seventeen,” the opening track of Troye Sivan’s sophomore album, twenty-three-year-old Sivan recalls a younger version of himself making a conscious decision to record and commit to memory his own coming-of-age. With a strange […]

The Greatest Showman: In Defence of Inaccuracy

“The people like to be humbugged!” Words by Roseanna Claire Howe Who was P.T Barnum? Was he an avant-garde hero, or manipulative villain? Was he humanitarian or a thief, an entrepreneur or manipulator? Will prose ever tell the true stories of history…and should they? All through his life P.T Barnum fought for his fortunes and […]