UCCSU Spotlight: Education Officer Candidate, Stephen O’Riordan

By Emer Walsh Currently in his fourth year of a BSc in Applied Maths and Physics, former School of Science, Engineering and Food Science Representative and Council Chair of the UCC Student Union, Stephen O’riordan is running to be the Student Union’s Education Officer for the 2022/23 Academic year, the only full-time role being contested […]

UCCSU Spotlight: Education Officer Candidate, Imasha Costa

By Emer Walsh Currently in her final year of a BA in English and French, Editor-In-Chief of the UCC Express and Consent Officer for the UCC Feminist Society, Imasha Costa is running to be your Education Officer for the 2022/23 Academic year, the only full-time role being contested in this election. This is your chance […]


    “Age will flatten a man,” said the aging Sheriff Bell in the Coen brothers’ McCarthy-inspired and Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men. Maeve McTaggart explores why it hasn’t suppressed the chances of the 2020 Presidential candidates, but instead inflated them.   Donald J. Trump assumed the presidential seat in the Oval Office ahead […]

2020 Vision: the Current Affairs Edit

  Maeve McTaggart and Molly Kavanagh explore what the New Year looks to bring in politics – brace yourselves for the roaring ‘20s.    BREXIT… finally (-ish). Boris Johnson, flanked by his newly-found and Labour-debilitating majority of 80 MPs, has finally received the go ahead to depart – crashing or otherwise – from the European […]

Trump’s 2020 chances: a Lie or a Landslide?

  Molly Kavanagh looks at the odds of a second term for America’s 45th President, preparing us for the fact that if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.   The United States 2020 presidential election is less than one year away. The general consensus one year prior to the 2016 election […]

French Election 2016: Stabilizing or the next big shock?

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill assesses the candidates of the upcoming French presidential election While the aftershock of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election vi ctory continues to reverberate in the global political hemisphere, another of the world’s traditional major powers is steeling itself for its own day at the polling stations in 2017. On April […]