Editorial IV – Resistance

  By Niamh Browne The word Motley is defined as ‘incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate’. This to me is the strength of Motley, the magazine. We are various, eclectic and we have the freedom of being freaks. To quote Jughead Jones, a character on one of my favourite tv shows, Riverdale: ‘I’m weird. […]

Editorial V- Vagina Monologues

Niamh Browne – Editor in Queef   Aristotle once defined woman as a ‘deficient man’. That she was somehow hollow, empty or lacking something fundamental of the qualities that man possessed. This quality of lacking meant she was inferior. The origin and structure of patriarchy is long, complicated and disputed but there is no doubt […]

 Modern Love Editorial

There’s a lyric to a song I quite like called Love, by Crywank and it goes ‘Love is fucking stupid and I hate you’. One of the many many odes to love out there, and I frankly don’t know what else you would expect from a band called Crywank. The song charts a stagnant relationship […]

Editorial III – Space

Space has always been a source of fascination for humans. There’s this trope in essay writing called ‘the beginning of time essay’ where in order to emphasise the fundamental importance of something you call back to its historical significance. With Space though, it’s almost impossible to contemplate it without thinking about its enduring ever-presence.    […]

Editorial II- Mushrooms

By Editor-in-Chief Niamh Browne   Some of them can kill you, some of them taste delicious and some of them can make you see the face of God. I am of course talking about mushrooms. When proposing this theme, I knew these were the three things I wanted to discuss, mortality, pleasure and spirituality. A […]

Editorial for Issue 1- Borders

At our first Motley staff meeting of volume XVI our talented features editor Édith de Faoite sputtered across me: ‘She’s dead. She’s gone!’. This was the 8th of September, 2022. The Queen was dead. There was a collective exhale of ‘ah’ and everyone made an effort to read the room to see if a Ra […]