Getting your daily fix: How you’ve been programmed for social media addiction

  Don’t look away, we’re just telling you the truth. Conor Daly looks at how our brains are being rewired to act as money-makers for the capitalist machine through social-media.    We judge people with little to no information about their life struggles, their childhoods and what has led them to the point when we […]

Video Assistant Referee: Offside with football fans due to its problematic decisions

  When VAR (Video Assistant Referee) was introduced into the Premier League in the 2019/20 season, it was something that had been long-awaited, but thus far, it has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Conor Daly talks us through this crucial development in the sporting world and some of the issues associated with this […]

Searching for Good: A Conversation with Google’s Peter Norvig

   Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan talks with Google’s Director of Research Peter Norvig about the development of Artificial Intelligence; the good, the bad, and the misunderstood.    “Google started out, and really, Google couldn’t do anything.” Peter Norvig tells me. This was definitely something I wasn’t expecting to hear from the mouth of […]

AI, Ethics & The European Union

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Stephen Moynihan talks with UCC’s own Professor Barry O’Sullivan on his recent tenure as the Vice-Chair of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. “Of course there are risks… you can’t just let any old technology in the world because you can. There are protections that you need to […]

Can a Computer Stop a Bullet? – A.I. and the Battle to Prevent Mass Shootings

Motley Staff Writer John Hunter talks to the founder of NeverAgainTech, Shreya Nallapti about her artificial intelligence invention to predict and prevent mass shootings.  Shreya Nallapati tells Motley she is part of “the mass-shooting generation”. Born in Denver, Colorado in 2000, Nallapati grew up in the shadow of the state’s infamous mass-shootings: the Columbine High […]

Down to Earth: Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising Farming

MIT freshman and founder of PlantumAI Neil Deshmukh talks with Motley’s Stephen Moynihan about his community tech venture to help identify crop disease with AI.  When most people think of artificial intelligence, they’ll think of our Star-Trek like homes where lights can respond to the sound of our voice, or the ability to arrange our […]