Warped Vision: What Porn Is Doing To Our Society

The history of pornography is deeply entwined in with the collective human narrative since civilisation began. Emily Osborn takes a look at our relationships with modern pornography, and how it might be causing more harm than good.    Since at least the early 70’s, pornography has dominated modern media. From Playboy magazine to society’s latest […]

The Time is Now: The Period Poverty Conversation

Sarah Kennelly talks about Ireland’s shame around periods, and governmental attempts to introduce free period products for all menstruators.    Periods, for many, are a topic only discussed in hushed tones. We are raised to believe that menstruation is a subject that is much too offensive to bring up in casual conversation. Hiding tampons up […]

A House Divided: Paranoia and Partisan Politics in the United States

As the tsunami that was the US Presidential election begins to subside, Motley’s Conor Daly looks at the debris and how those in power face the unruly task of rebuilding bridges.   Joe Biden got the requisite 270 electoral votes and was named the 46th US President. Donald Trump refused to accept reality and created […]

Pride Inside? – the LGBTQ+ Community and the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19

Current Affairs Staff Writer John Hunter reflects on queerness in quarantine and how COVID19 is affecting the Irish LGBTQ+ community.  There is a tragic truth to the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. As 2021 dawned, there was a sense of cautious optimism that the year ahead would bring with […]

Evil Incarnate: The Problem of Evil in the Mother and Baby Homes

Ellen C. Byrne examines ideas of evil and their intersection with the religious institutions that operated Mother and Baby Homes.  In a 2014 interview, Sister Sarto, former Mother Superior of Bessborough House, speaks softly. Her voice quivers. “I feel sad about it, that all of this has happened.” Without context, one might think she was […]

UCC’s Economics going into the Second Semester of a Digital Year

Motley’s Deputy of Current Affairs Stephen Moynihan discusses the funding situation for UCC over the coming months.    The financial situation of Ireland’s universities is certainly of concern to all parties with links to UCC, most of all to students and to the 200 staff who have been let go. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the […]