The Tigray War Revisited

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Tiarnan Ó Ruairc discusses the civil war that nobody is talking about. A country born out of defiance; the only country in Africa not colonised by a European nation. In fact, to quote an Ethiopian woman during these interviews ”we [Ethiopia] scrambled for Africa too” a reference to the famous book […]

‘A Monument More Lasting than bronze’: Ultima generazione’s fight against the eco crisis

Contributing writer Chiara Alessio discusses the reasoning behind various actions of the modern climate activist movement ‘ultima generazione’ along with outlining their symbolic and artistic resistance against the climate crisis For millennia, humans tried to come to terms with their own mortality: that meant finding ways to potentially overcome it. Thus, monuments, family and art […]

The Invisible Dehumanisation and Global Disparity Existing Behind the Commodification of Love

Current Affairs Editor Ronan Keohane delves deep into the ramifications of capitalism on affairs of the heart.   In the modern age of globalisation, where free-market capitalism and neoliberalism have been established as dominant ideologies throughout the world, very few things have become exempt from becoming commodified. In recent years we can find many examples […]

Modern Families vs Primordial Laws

Staff Writer Ava Sommers uses contextual analysis to explore the misalignment existing between the constitution of Ireland and modern Ireland and how the narrow definition of ‘family’ under Irish law affects people in Ireland.    What does the modern family look like in Ireland, and who is denied their rights by our outdated laws? This […]

The Ocean Wide: A Eulogy for Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

by Grace Claro Well, here we all are in October, woe begotten, exasperated, stressed, and fed up with what has been a most unprecedented year. Somehow it felt as though things just could not get any worse in 2020. What else could this cruel existence send our way?  Then it was as though the sky […]

Flames, Floods and Misery – The Human Catastrophe at the Moria Refugee Camp

Motley Staff Writer John Hunter discusses Europe’s lethargic response to the on-going crisis at the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece. During the evening of the 8th September, a fire began at the Moria Registration and Identification Centre (commonly known as the Moria Refugee Camp), a former military-base located on the Greek island of Lesbos, […]