The Ocean Wide: A Eulogy for Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

by Grace Claro Well, here we all are in October, woe begotten, exasperated, stressed, and fed up with what has been a most unprecedented year. Somehow it felt as though things just could not get any worse in 2020. What else could this cruel existence send our way?  Then it was as though the sky […]

Flames, Floods and Misery – The Human Catastrophe at the Moria Refugee Camp

Motley Staff Writer John Hunter discusses Europe’s lethargic response to the on-going crisis at the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece. During the evening of the 8th September, a fire began at the Moria Registration and Identification Centre (commonly known as the Moria Refugee Camp), a former military-base located on the Greek island of Lesbos, […]

Brushing Up: The Impact of Dentistry on the Environment

The healthcare profession is one of the less environmentally-conscious contributors to our society. DentSoc’s Dewi Bolger-Moore talks about the impact of dentistry on our planet and how despite the overall need for systemic change, we can also do our bit.  Being an aspiring dentist and an aspiring environmentalist simultaneously is no mean feat. As many […]

Capitalism is Killing this Planet

Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady argues that the current economic system is destroying our planet as the billionaire class booms in tandem with our world’s hunger for capital expansion.  First things first, let us define our terms: Capitalism is the dominant economic philosophy used globally by nation states and is based on the […]

Climate emergency, is it finally time?

Ramya Baskaran discusses the climate emergency and how seriously we should be taking it.  It’s a common consensus that our world needs help. Mother Nature is in distress. She needs her children to understand this and act upon the climate emergency.  Is it finally time?  The climate emergency is different from climate change. Climate change […]

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Direct Provision

You’ve heard the phrase thrown around. It’s a controversial topic for a wide variety of reasons. Your friend who’s really into the News at Nine talks about it non-stop. But what exactly is direct provision? Direct provision (or Solárthar Díreach) is one of Ireland’s measures for accommodating asylum seekers. It was introduced in the late […]