Political Threads: Becoming More Than an Outfit

 “Why in the name of God is there a man standing in the Chambers of the US Capitol wearinggoat horns?” To answer that, I pose another question: “Why does AOC always wear redlipstick?” From insurrection to Lady Hale’s iconic brooch, Emer O’Sullivan weighs in on thegendered hypocrisy of fashion in politics. Back in semester one […]

A Week in My Wardrobe: January Edition

“Working stylish, bright, and fun seasonal pieces into my year-round wardrobe is something that I try really hard to do, not only because it is more sustainable and means I get more wear out of my clothes, but also because it brings with it a bit of Summer light and joy into dark and boring […]

Not all Smiles: The Problem of Mental Health in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Staff Writer Emma Treacy delves into the dark side of the modelling industry. Editor’s note: This article contains references to suicide and sexual harassment.   What is the world of fashion really like for the radiant faces of it’s industry? From runway models to Instagram influencers, there is a normalization of unattainable lifestyles and […]

Gladrags: Motley’s Best Loved Clothing Items

Presented here are a selection of our Motley staff members showcasing their most cherished wardrobe items. From badass platform boots to comfortable and reliable staple pieces, they tell us a little bit about what clothing means to them and how wearing their favourite outfit can help make them feel that bit better.   Alana Daly Mulligan, […]

Giving Back This Christmas

By Katie Burke Fashion is often criticised for being too materialistic, whether or not that criticism is fair or prejudiced. However, with the world facing turbulent and unstable times, both socially and politically, the fashion world has stepped up. From political statements in runway shows such as Ashish or articles on current affairs appearing in […]

Budget Beauty Buys: False Tan

Staff writer Aoife Walsh gives us the lowdown on cheap and cheerful false tanners. bBold Tan Liquid 200ml- €9.95 The bBold Tan Liquid is my dream budget tanner. It comes in a dark and medium shade, and claims to be a non-streak, even fade, nourishing, anti- ageing and refreshing tanner that delivers a natural looking […]