Poetry by Jessica Anne Rose 

i take it all back 

your kiss drew more than gasps from me pulled trauma from places i had forgotten smiled tearfully and held me where i was cold let little me know it is finally time to go 

i couldn’t know how it would feel

you lured me out into the warmth 

kindling my hope with only your eyes palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss 

in that moment i rejected such a notion as sin 

how could i have known 

you held me as though i might break! shatter in your ring adorned hands 

rested our heads together in the sea of fervour and i, building the courage to touch your cheek 

here is my heart, it has no box 

be merciful and bite your lip once more let in what you now have let out 

and grant me a moment of yours again so i might have something new to replay 

i embrace my own naïvety 

let’s skip this dance of counted breaths both afraid of each other’s depth 

take my heart and forge its key 

and never give it back to me

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