“Rather than using the term ‘sustainability’ as a catch-all, the Silver Loom duo are bound to their principles as responsible producers.” Grace Claro interviews Cork designers The Silver Loom following the virtual launch of their artisan silver jewellery collections in June. 

Amidst the chaos of our current pandemic experience, Cork-based jewellery design studio The Silver Loom joins the Irish artisan market with a hopeful optimism and creative determination. Izabella Balikoti 27, a fashion graduate from LSAD, and architect Andrew O’Ciardubháin 29, came together with a joint passion for contemporary jewellery making. 

Izabella and Andrew decided to transform their time in quarantine into productive creative endeavour. Time spent indoors proved fruitful as they finalized two elegant jewellery collections and prepared for the launch of their brand. In order to respect the new, socially distanced normal, the decision was taken to launch their brand digitally.

The Silver Loom launched two collections in June 2020, “Cascade” and “The Fold.” The collections feature earrings, a statement pendant, and bracelet. Each piece is made in-house from sterling silver which is hallmarked and certified as Irish-made by the Dublin Assay Office. The silver is finely wrought and polished to a high shine. This effect accentuates the outer curvature of the forms while also defining shadows.

From the “Cascade” collection, the “No Crease” earrings (€130) are designed to resemble a piece of fabric with the density and sumptuousness of velvet delicately hung, as though from the wearer’s earlobe. A formalist aesthetic becomes self-evident in this collection. The interplay between light and shadow, line and fluidity, sculptural forms and drapery, are hallmarks of The Silver Loom oeuvre. 

SPATIAL Jewellery Picture: Miki Barlok

“The Fold” collection features bolder lines and more robust silhouettes. The “Pina” neckpiece (€180), inspired by the contemporary dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, expresses dynamism and fluidity while maintaining a robust, self-contained shape. The curved form resembles a lily petal at the early stages of bloom, curling open to meet the sun, or the fabric of a dancer’s costume caught in the rigor of movement. 

Rather than using the term “sustainability” as a catch-all, the Silver Loom duo are bound to their principles as responsible producers. Closing the loop, excess material is melted down and reused leaving nothing to waste. Izabelle and Andrew express a conscious and responsible attitude to consumption, impressing the importance of local artisan crafts which will last a lifetime as opposed to budget “fast” high street alternatives. 

“We are excited to add our design vision to the Irish jewellery sector.” The designers believe their training in fashion and architecture will differentiate The Silver Loom from other artisans on the Irish market. Who is this brand for? Anyone looking for strong, minimal jewellery with a timeless and wearable aesthetic to cherish for years to come. 

The Silver Loom are launching the brand online through their website. They hope to make their stock available from local sellers soon, but for now the brand will remain virtual. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook