Presented here are a selection of our Motley staff members showcasing their most cherished wardrobe items. From badass platform boots to comfortable and reliable staple pieces, they tell us a little bit about what clothing means to them and how wearing their favourite outfit can help make them feel that bit better.  

Alana Daly Mulligan, Current Affairs Editor

I easily commit a fashion faux-pas per day, but these trusty beaten-up Cherry Docs, (lovingly nicknamed “the almighty shit-kickers”) always seem to be the shit to get me into a shit-kicking mood, while avoiding a closet-catastrophe.

Diego Leon, Motley Photographer


I got these Docs when I was still in school and they have carried me all the way through college. I wear them pretty much all the time: on walks and hikes, to labs and classes, on holiday trips… They are very comfortable, and I feel so confident and cool when I have them on.

Emma Treacy, Fashion Staff Writer


This black fluffy bucket hat can do no wrong on a dull day. It can be paired with absolutely anything, dressed up or down and for me it is happiness in a hat. Worn with this vibrant vintage jacket I picked up last year, this is my ultimate feel-good outfit.

Grace Claro, Fashion Editor


These are my official gladrags. My Mango blazer, palazzo pants, and Jasper Conran square-toe stilettos pretty much sum up my style. Sadly, this ensemble would have been worn as my graduation outfit last October. However, I am keeping it pristine for future days out!

Kaia Purcell, Deputy Fashion Editor

This headpiece was made by amazing Irish milliner Cathy Troth and is definitely the most cheerful thing in my wardrobe. It’s almost impossible not to smile when I put it on, it’s an immediate mood booster for me. A headpiece is such a game changer to add a little bit of personality and joy to an outfit and this piece definitely does that for me!

Niamh Browne, Features Editor


Look at these boots: How could you not feel like a bad bitch in them? Niamh Browne, features and opinion editor of Motley presents her piece of clothing that makes her smile – and you got to hand it to her, they’re pretty badass.