By Jessica Anne Rose

encased in amber, unfurled through the trees tangerine crackling flickering leaves 

met the earth as soft as the sun dipping low it was fated you’d always be mine to know 

and yours to lean on, in summer, in rain both smiling solace again and again 

i hear the words in your voice in the letters you write ‘i feel like i’ve known you for all of my life.’ 

i thank the world everyday that it gave me you your endless questions, the laughter that ensues we don’t divide ourselves into pieces easier to chew i am loved and myself when i am with you 

what a wondrous thing to love and be loved to know that it is more than enough 

soulmates are rare and treasured when found a pair who’s friendship knows no bounds 

my sister never made it to this world 

it wasn’t confirmed but i know she was a girl and i knew she was with me in robins by day and eyelashes at night i’d find dotted astray 

to the sister i never expected to find 

endlessly curious, endlessly kind 

someone so different yet achingly familiar my soul tells me that you were sent by her 

you blaze in autumn, i bloom in spring 

i the a fiery ram, you a scorpion’s sting 

two halves of a heart, once laid in twain with the help of the poets, found each other again

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