Inspired by the character Dunbar in Joseph Heller’s novel, Catch-22, Cormac Dineen reflects on the notion that the moments where time drags are the moments to be savoured most “Dunbar loved shooting skeet because he hated every minute of it and the time passed so slowly. He had figured out that a single hour on […]

When Souls Become One: A Tribute to Roy Cropper

Motley newcomer Jack Corrigan pens a tender ode to Weatherfield’s finest purveyor of baked beans. Roy Cropper shuffles around the kitchen with humility and purpose. The minutiae of his movements are steady and practised as he flows seamlessly between menial tasks. Everything in Roy’s Rolls café works like clockwork. It runs with the gentle efficiency […]

Motley Tries… Online Poker

Cormac Dineen becomes a fly desperately stuck in the dark web of online gambling, and all in the name of investigative journalism. It was another horrible, rainy October night and I was doing what any person with little to no ambition or motivation would do – I was sitting on the couch, tickling my dogs and […]