Poetry: Noor

She dreamt that the moon fell into her lap, His beauty mesmerising  Looking up into the sky and through his eyes She knew that she had found the man of her dreams The dark black sky, so infinite in which she felt so insignificant,  No longer felt so scary, as though the darkness could turn […]

Na Réaltaí

By Seán Dunne   “Listen, I’ve been to space. It’s nothing to write home about. Quite frankly, there’s nothing there. The whole thing is a waste of time”.  The look on the man’s face was that of genius. It was a shame he was an idiot.  “You’ve been to space in me hole. You can […]

Not Just Spaced Out – Epileptic Absent Seizures

Contributing writer Jessica Anne Rose details the experiences of those with Epilepsy and gives guidance on how to deal with seizures.    Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and can cause frequent seizures. What I have learned over the last few years is that people’s perception of epilepsy is hugely stereotyped, and as […]

Stevie G: Sharing Space in Cork’s Music Scene

Music in Ireland is just catching its momentum once again following the pandemic. As new acts form and venues open there is no better time to think about equality in music in Cork and beyond. Deputy Features and Opinions Editor Sarah O’Mahony speaks to renowned Red FM DJ Stephen ‘Stevie G’ Grainger. Stevie has been […]

The people that are benefiting from climate induced migration

Leah Moynihan offers a chilling insight into the climate migration crisis.   Imagine having to watch helplessly as your family’s crops slowly start to die. Each day, you gaze out the window and they get browner until they shrivel up and disappear. There is no water; the drought has affected everyone. Your family grows thinner […]

Anti- Authoritarian Art: A Look at Palestine and Northern Ireland

Sarah O’Mahony speaks to David Osit, Emmy award winning filmmaker, about his documentary Mayor which is focused on the city of Ramallah and the daily lives of the Palestinian people living there and their Mayor Musa Hadid. She also draws on Kneecap’s similar examination of the history and current state of Northern Ireland and the […]