Poetry: The Ghost

By Ava Palmer   No one can hear me,As I walk past your door,My evening shadowOn the pavementIs as silent as my footsteps. A whisper in the wind floats past your ear,As I draw near,I swear our fingers touch,This time I swear. You turn your head,And I know you’ve felt Me. However briefly. You try […]

Reevaluating Modern Love

A contributing writer shares a letter to their past self and shares what they wish they had known then.   Dear,  me from the past,  When you think of romance and true love, what do you see?  Is it the devotion of Shakespeare’s sonnets?  Is it that bouquet of flowers?  Is it that twinkle in […]

It’s Not You, It’s My Attachment Style

Features and Opinion Editor Édith de Faoite breaks down how attachment theory can be a useful tool in sorting you out.    A friend recently described me as “skittish” when it comes to my romantic endeavours. An unsurprising statement if you know me. This unwelcome commentary on my relationships (or lack thereof) urged me to […]

Things Left Unsaid

Contributing Writer Seán Dunne shares a story about the courage it takes to let love in.   I couldn’t quite bring myself to say it. I thought I already had.  “I love you.”  The look from her eyes was enough to light the fires of an idle train. I wanted to run away.  “What?”  The […]

The Best Places for Modern Love On Campus

A contributing writer explains how UCC can facilitate your love life, in more ways than one.   For the vast majority of us, UCC is the place we have to call home for several years. While that is something to be sad about, it is not without merit as a stage for finding someone to […]

Blind Date

Recently Deputy Features Editor Sarah O’Mahony sent two UCC students on a blind date to Alchemy Coffee Shop, Barracks Street. 21 students applied and Ciara and Matthew were chosen and sent off to face the snow and to identify each other when things were kept a little too blind. Ciara is a 22 year old […]