Necessary Accessory: Fashioning Protective Measures

When we thought that the turbulent, farfetched whirlwind (otherwise known as the first six months of 2020) could not become any more unpredictable, we now find ourselves adapting our wardrobes for the new norms of the world.  Its arrival in 2020 was one borne out of necessity, with the mandating of masks in situations where […]

Can History Offer Us the Key to Sustainable Fashion?

Can History Offer Us the Key to Sustainable Fashion? Motley’s Grace Claro examines the nexus of historical fashion practices and the need for their implementation today to tackle the climate emergency. A by-word for overconsumption, pollution and waste, fashion in the 21st century has a lot to answer for. Consumers are overburdened with a tsunami […]

Grace ClaroFashion Feature: Interview with The Silver Loom

“Rather than using the term ‘sustainability’ as a catch-all, the Silver Loom duo are bound to their principles as responsible producers.” Grace Claro interviews Cork designers The Silver Loom following the virtual launch of their artisan silver jewellery collections in June.  Amidst the chaos of our current pandemic experience, Cork-based jewellery design studio The Silver […]

A Week in my Wardrobe

Opening up my wardrobe publicly for a week is admittedly daunting, and a pressure which I’m certain is familiar to most. No longer do we fear the eyes of others judging whether our outfit choices are trendy enough, expensive enough, fashionable enough – we now face ethical dilemmas.It is so fitting that the first issue […]

Leave No Trace

In collaboration with Motley photographers Diego Leon, Rebecca Dineen, and Carly Fitzgerald, Fashion Editor Grace Claro brings you Motley’s very own socially distanced photoshoot. 

The Kids Are Alright

[espro-slider id=16585]     Photographer: Luka Phelan Stylist: Alex O’Donovan Models: Aoife Corkery, Ryan Flynn, Clare Hurley With thanks to The Raven, Cork Model in cover option: Aoife Corkery