Harry Styles Vogue Cover: A-Dressing Toxic Masculinity

  “If wearing a dress means that you are no longer masculine, then masculinity – as an institution – is too fragile and rigid in the first place.” Jack Van Lang discusses the contentious Vogue cover story featuring Harry Styles.   I saw a tweet recently that called my attention. It was Vogue sharing a […]

Should We Care About What We Wear for Online College?

  Fashion Staff Writer Emma Treacy muses on the important role that fashion can play in boosting our mood and keeping us motivated as we endure the slog of rolling lockdowns and online college.   That piercing sound of the alarm going off each morning welcomes yet another day of lectures on Microsoft Teams and […]

How the Fashion World Went Virtual in 2020

By Emma Treacy   “Ironically, the pandemic may have been just what the fashion world needed. The industry never moves backwards and so has woken up and adapted to a new digital era.” Fashion Staff Writer Emma Treacy takes a look at how fashion went virtual this year.   The fashion industry is being vigorously […]

Where We Are

Photographer: Emma Price @emmaaprice Models: Tom O’Connell and Heather Sheehan Location: Student house in Cork City

Dress For Success: Cork Charity Helping Women out of Unemployment

by Kaia Purcell While we all seem to be trying our best to navigate through the adversities and challenges we face in today’s climate, the truth is that every one of us needs a helping hand at times. For those facing unemployment and job losses in a time of global upheaval and a turbulent climate […]

Five Sustainable Beauty Swaps to Change Up your Self-Care Routine

by Grace Claro Let’s face it, sometimes being a responsible consumer can be hard. It can seem like every bottle of shower gel and shampoo is promoting its eco-friendly attributes. From “recyclable packaging” to “palm free,” to “plant-based cleansers,” cosmetics companies are using the language of sustainability as an attractive sales stimuli. But how can […]