More Danger: Interview with Irish Designer Colin Horgan

by Grace Claro  Fashion Editor Grace Claro talks to renowned Irish womenswear designer Colin Horgan about being a creative in Ireland, his highlights from London Fashion Week, and the mechanics of running a womenswear brand from his studio in Kerry.  Originally from Kerry, Colin Horgan completed his BA in Fashion Design from Limerick School of […]

Spring/Summer ’21 Trend Forecast

By Sarah Collins   Spring is finally upon us and as we look forward to brighter days, Sarah Collins is here to tell us what trends to look out for this season.   It’s that time of the year again! Brighter, warmer, and longer days are on the horizon which means it’s time to put […]

CBD in Skincare

  By Kaia Purcell   Deputy Fashion Editor Kaia Purcell gives us her top tips on how to integrate CBD oil as a powerful addition to our skincare regimen.   Cannabidiol (a.k.a CBD) has taken the skincare industry by storm in recent times with a steady flow of new products containing the hottest ingredient of […]

Consumerism: The Addiction of the Collective

By Kate Bisogno   “The internet is only fuelling our consumption addiction.” Kate Bisogno discusses the pitfalls of overconsumption and retail addiction in a late-stage capitalist society and how they cast a grim shadow over our daily lives.   Unnecessary consumerism is something that we as a society are indisputably guilty of. For most, the […]

60s Counterculture and Psychedelic Fashion

By Grace Claro   Motley Fashion Editor Grace Claro takes a trip back to the 1960s when the world became entranced by the psychedelic craze in art, music, and fashion.   The 1960s was a decade of political upheaval and social justice agitation with the Space Race, the Civil Rights movement in America, and the […]

3 Cúis Chun Gléasadh Suas Gach Maidin le Lucy Ní Shíocháin

Pléann Lucy Ní Shíocháin an cheist seo; an bhfuil tionchar ag ár gcleachtaí faisin ar ár bhmeabhairsláinte agus muid sáite sa bhaile? Is beag ábhar céiliúrtha a thug 2020 dúinn, cuireadh lánstad ar cuid mhór don ghnáthshaol mar thoradh. Anuas ar sin cuireadh stop le gnáth nósanna faiseanta. Tá sé éasca dúinn sleamhnú isteach sna […]