The Blue Pill: We’re Probably Still in the Matrix

  If you’ve been breathing at all since 1999, you may have heard of the philosophical science fiction action classic The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. With its top-notch action and mind-bending sense of originality, it can be hard to believe that the film was released just over 20 years ago. In 1999, the idea of […]

When Can We Make Plans Again? 

by Jack Coleman 2020 has been a year of cancelled plans. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has derailed the vast majority of scheduled events and has kept everyone firmly isolated in their homes. Though Ireland had a brief easing of restrictions starting in May, we now find ourselves back in a full level five lockdown for […]

Lo-Fi Rebel County: A Glance at Cork’s Music Scene

by Jack Coleman Anyone who knows me personally knows I’ve never really had an interest in local music scenes, my primary musical interest lies in the much-derided Korean pop genre. However, upon becoming the Entertainment Editor at Motley Magazine I felt it was necessary to educate myself on the thriving local music scene in Cork […]

Night in the Woods: Approaching Mental Health and Mature Themes in Video Games

Throughout the last decade, video game narratives have made leaps in exploring topical themes such as mental health issues. While thankfully film and television have seen depictions of mental health and related issues released to critical and commercial success, last year’s hit movie Joker and HBO’s Euphoria being major examples, many games which bring adult […]

Break It Down – A Different Take on Pop Culture

by Rebeckah McCarthy Break It Down is an Irish podcast hosted by the perfect pairing of Hillary and Holly. Hillary is currently in final year in UCC studying Music and English and Holly has just graduated this year from a BA International. The podcast explores many facets of pop culture. Break It Down is for […]

Tenet Review: Nolan’s Newest Blockbuster is thrilling but Lacking

Christopher Nolan’s love affair with the concept of time has always managed to seep its way into his work – from the backwards “Memento” through to the non-linear structure of “Dunkirk”. It has never been more evident, however, than in his latest effort – the spy thriller/sci-fi action blockbuster “Tenet”. Starring the likes of John […]