BONDiNG – A Review

Deputy Entertainment Editor Rebeckah McCarthy offers her thoughts on Netflix’s darkly erotic comedy series.   BONDiNG is an American dark comedy television series which premiered on Netflix April 24th 2019. The sex themed dark comedy is reported to be loosely based on the personal experience of the show’s creator Rightor Doyle.  Without giving too much […]

Na Leabhar as agus faoin Gaeilge is Fearr le Fáil Faoi Láthair (… dar liom)

Is é an leabhar “Motherfóclóir: Dispatches from a Not So Dead Language” an céad leabhar ar ár liosta. Tosnóidh mé le sin mar is leabhar deas greanmhar é, níl sé ró–dháiríre agus tá sé trí Béarla faoin Gaeilge, mar sin bheadh sé an oirúineach do thosaitheoirí. Ritheann an leabhar sin trí na focail is tábhachtaí […]

So Much Is In a Name: Tim Chadwick on Identity and Self-Love in his New EP Timothy

Just ahead of his EP release, Alana Daly Mulligan talks with Tim Chadwick on his ever-evolving sound, soul-exposés, and role as Ireland’s first self-love musical icon.    In January 2019 under the flickering fluorescent lamps of Crane Lane, during a time when live events were tangible realities and not just cigarette smoke-infused memories, I met […]

Defining Bayonetta: More Than Another Sex Fantasy?

Elliott Monroe Explores the subversive employment of female sexuality in the ‘Bayonetta’ video game series.   While the topic of female representation in video games is one that is hotly debated (and, unfortunately, often controversial), many noteworthy female characters have rightfully cemented their place within the video game canon over the years. But perhaps none […]

In the Lonely Hour: How Has Pornography Adapted to a Quarantined Audience?

Kane Geary O’ Keeffe observes the ways in which online pornography sites have adapted to audiences since the outbreak of the pandemic.   It’s no longer taboo to address the fact that online pornography is a mainstream staple of online entertainment (despite what your parents may think). After a year-long flirtation with indoor boredom for […]

Porn Parodies Just Aren’t That Accurate

Jack Coleman Reviews the Canonical Discrepancies Between the Porn Parody ‘Game of Bones’ and the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Series.   The internet is home to a LOT of pornographic material, as any teenager growing up with access to the web will be aware. There also exists, naturally, online communities relentlessly dedicated to […]