The Good, The Bad and The Bressie

Niall Breslin talks to Motley’s Ava Somers on music, modern love and Neoliberalism.   Niall Breslin is one of the best-known Irish pop-culture icons of our generation. His careers in football, rugby and music, led to finally his latest feat, the realm of mental health. His “Where Is My Mind” podcast was a huge part […]

Romance Books That Warmed My Cold Heart

Deputy Entertainment Editor Chloe Barrett shares a little list of romance books that will make you giggle while swinging your feet, or blush due to the steam.    Romance books have recently taken over the reading community, and are present on nearly every bookstore shelf. Trying to pick the perfect one can be tricky, as […]

How Netflix’s Heartbreak High Shows Love For Us Outsiders

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose reviews Heartbreak High. (WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Heartbreak High.)   In September 2022, the remake of the hit Australian 1990s TV series Heartbreak High premiered on Netflix, and as a way of taking breaks to ease myself back into the swing of college work, I decided to watch […]

Aftersun: For The Love of Mescal

Contributor Amy Ellen Bogue reviews Aftersun, starring Paul Mescal and written and directed by Charlotte Wells.   Aftersun is a heartfelt story about growing up and looking back on your childhood. This is not your typical coming of age film, but an intricate narrative woven between the past and the present. The story centres on […]

Bones and All: A Cannibalistic Take On Love

Deputy Entertainment editor, Chloe Barrett, discusses the recent star studded body horror that is certainly not for the faint of heart.   From the acclaimed director Luca Guadagino, Bones and All is based off of the novel by Camille DeAngelis and tells the story of two new lovers who road trip across America together. Their […]

Why Wednesday Didn’t Need A Love Interest

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose asks serious questions of Netflix’s newest hit, Wednesday. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Wednesday (it’s been like three months people where have you been?)   Wednesday, Netflix’s highly anticipated spin off series starring the daughter of the Addams Family, gained worldwide attention when it set the new record […]