UCC’s Economics going into the Second Semester of a Digital Year

Motley’s Deputy of Current Affairs Stephen Moynihan discusses the funding situation for UCC over the coming months.    The financial situation of Ireland’s universities is certainly of concern to all parties with links to UCC, most of all to students and to the 200 staff who have been let go. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the […]

On the Legitimacy of Israel under International Law

Current affairs editor Hassan Baker met with Professor James Bowen to discuss the conference on Israel and Palestine to be held in UCC. The conference titled ‘International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Exceptionalism and Responsibility’ has been organised by some UCC professors to be held on UCC on the 31st of March to […]

Controversial Student Centre Staff Party

Article written by current affairs editor Hassan Baker.   Recently Motley received a copy of an email sent to the staff at the Student Centre. The email was concerning a staff party that is to be held at the New Bar. The email was an invitation for staff members at the Student Centre to attend […]

Confessions of a Part-Time Parent

Susan Bradley is living a college lifestyle that doesn’t quite sound like a college lifestyle at all; she describes trying to balance study and raising her little sister. So this is my life now. Running out the door for a class that I’m already late for. And instead of focusing on Spanish verb conjugation, I […]

I’m Not Sure Where I’m Going and I Don’t Know if That Matters

Jonny O’Mahony opens up about never being fully satisfied with his current situation and the fear that comes with the end of college life I’ll start this by saying that I have all the plans in the world. I like to think that if I continue down the path that I’ve set myself on now, […]

Law Conference 2016: “Boundaries of Law: Perspectives on the European Refugee Crisis”

Conference Director Darragh Healy gives Motley the lowdown on a refugee orientated law conference ahead of our own Migration November issue This year’s annual UCC Law Society’s Conference will take place on 3rd November 2016. The title of the Conference is “Boundaries of Law: Perspectives on the European Refugee Crisis.” On September 2nd, 2015, the images […]