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The New Change to California Law Aimed at Making “Stealthing” Illegal

While laws and social attitudes towards consent globally are still in the process of improving, Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at how the state of California is a step ahead of the rest.   *Please note that this article makes reference to consent and rape. Read at your own discretion*.   If the word […]

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Greenwashing: A Capitalist approach to Climate Change

In this timely piece, Kate O’Riordan looks at the phenomenon of Greenwashing among large corporations and Green Capitalism. In response to the detrimental impacts of climate change, Generation Z has spearheaded much of the global climate action movement, as seen in the Extinction Rebellion Movement and Greta Thunberg’s school strikes that sparked a global movement. […]

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A Change of Scenery: an Irish Perspective in the USA

Niamh Browne takes a humorous look at the social differences she encountered when she moved to Chicago for Erasmus.   After three lockdowns, I, along with the rest of the country, entered into the new normal. I was exhausted, miserable (or at the very least mentally fragile) and bored. Most importantly, above anything else, I […]

The Changing Shape of the Irish Electorate

With many of the Covid-19 restrictions being removed last week and government approval ratings leaving a lot to be desired, Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at how young voters are changing the Irish political landscape.   In the last election, 2020, there was a surge in support for left-leaning parties in this country. The […]

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The Times They Are a-Changin’: Ireland’s Relationship with Multinationals (MNCs)

Final year Law and French student Katie McCarthy looks at Ireland’s changing views on MNCs and what this means for future business. 2021 has brought many unexpected things, one of them being the change in Ireland’s remarkable softness on large corporations. Almost 1,000 multinational companies have chosen Ireland as their strategic European base due to our […]

A Dog is not just for Lockdown, It’s for Life

As we begin to emerge on the other side of Covid-19, Deputy Current Affairs Editor Natalia Karolina Gawlas discusses the lonely mid-pandemic and busy post-pandemic effects on animal shelters and their inhabitants.   A dog has always been described as the ultimate ‘man’s best friend’, and whoever came up with that phrase has always been […]