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How we see a Night Out

Sam Golden reflects on the importance of socialisation and how the covid-era has forced us to consider the true importance of a good night out.   In the last decade, the fixated idea of a night has almost become a cross between cultism and ancient tradition. Whether it be the Monday Club or a weekend […]

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How Universal Basic Income Could Revolutionise the Irish Social Safety Net

The implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) has the potential to change Irish society, and the lives of Irish people for the better. UBI is defined as a universal, unconditional, periodic cash transfer, with the payments set at a level high enough to ensure an individual can live a life of dignity.   To […]

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Stuck Between a Hotel and a Hard Place

Cultural loss for economic gain in Ireland’s growing cities In this piece, Róisín Dunlea examines the effects that urban growth and development is having on the cultural identity of Irish cities.   In 2018, Cork City Council used a quote from poet Thomas McCarthy as part of its campaign to promote and celebrate business development […]

A Century of Hunger: Nadim Hussain and the Modern Fight with Traditional Means

Following 101 years since the death of Cork Mayor Terence Macsweeney, Motley’s Emer Walsh looks at our city’s most recent case of Hunger Strike and how the legacy of our revolutionaries is forced to live on in the 21st century. Last month, Asylum Seeker Nadim Hussain, who has been living in Ireland for three years, […]

The Progression of Irish Female Athletes and the Global Movement Towards Equal Pay

The announcement of equal pay for the Irish women’s national football team is a landmark achievement for women’s sport. Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at how this came to be and the work still to be done.   It would appear that we are living in an era of highly successful Irish athletes, and […]

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The Importance of the Arts – It’s Necessity in Today’s Fast Paced-World

Jessica O’Brien shines a light on Ireland’s arts sector and its need for protection as we continue to emerge from the post-Covid era.   The Arts have always been a vital part of our lives, but during Lockdown it became even more evident that life without music, film, literature and live events lacked colour. This […]