Music that means something: Laura Duff in Conversation with Motley Magazine

Motley’s Graduate Writer Alana Daly Mulligan speaks with fellow alum Laura Duff about the cathartic power of songwriting, her dad, and her love for Limerick.    For all the words I have in my lexicon, it is hard to find an ample description for Laura Duff. She says she’s good at reading people, but others […]

The Limitations of Western Philosophy

By Ronan Keohane Modern Western society is filled with normalised deceptions, normalised extortion, normalised manipulation, normalised surveillance, and tiresome conventions for the mere purpose of profits and material gain. We are constantly chasing an elusive mirage of happiness. One serious issue with such a reality is that while the very striking and evidential faults of […]

The Social and Psychological Effects of Cultural Nordic Conformity

Ronan Keohane discusses Borealism by highlighting the Nordic Jante law with reference to Aksel Sandemoose’s “A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks”   Borealism – a form of exoticism – has become a hot topic in recent years as Nordic nations have become subject to idealised stereotypes which glorify their societies and cultures. This is largely due […]


By Shruti Rajgopal It seems like the whole world has been on a sabbatical for a while now. The trailer of Inferno is the only thing my mind can think of; swish and flick, everything vanishes within a few seconds. It has been interesting to note how different age-groups have been reacting to the situation. […]

Worth Fighting For…

by Conor Murphy   The feeling of drowning while not even in the water. Not being able to breathe, even though the air we normally breathe is there and surrounding. Not being able to face the day, so deciding to stay in bed to avoid anything unpredictable. The thought of talking to another human being […]

Traveller Health Outcomes

Amano Miura in Conversation with Social Care Worker Anne Marie Qulligan on Irish Traveller Health Outcomes   When we experience health problems, we are often inclined to look inwards and question what it is that we ourselves are doing wrong. Anne Marie Quilligan, Tipperary-based social care worker and Irish Traveller, tells me that when she […]