Iran; a Revolutionary People

Contributing writer Conor Hogan examines how the history of Iranian uprising illuminates the resilience of its inhabitants Firdaus Noman shook her head. “How can a woman’s face be the enemy of Islam?” She asked angrily. Anees took her hands in his. “For these idiots it’s all about sex, maej, excuse me. They think it is […]

King Charles III: the Death of Monarchy in the North?

Features and Opinions Editor, Édith de Faoite, explores the surprise, sorrow and celebration following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.   I often see things that surprise me, but when I saw a video on Twitter of Michelle O’ Neill and the newly-crowned King Charles III, it took me a second to believe it. The […]

The Witcher: Blood Origin- A Review

Deputy Editor Lisa Ahern shares her honest take on the new fantasy series The Witcher;Blood Origin.    To all Henry Cavill lovers, unfortunately this show is not for you because The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel series that takes place in the Witcher Universe 1,200 years prior to the action of the original series. […]

A Giant Leap Towards Conspiracy

Contributing writer Julie Cukier explores the small step for man that led to one of the biggest conspiracy theories of mankind.   On the 16th of July 1969, Neil Armstrong said “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, and set what is considered one of the most believed conspiracy theories in […]

Space Colonisation, Crops and Cork

The traction on the idea of space exploration has gone from a mere dwindling flame to raging fire in the last number of years. Sam Golden tells Motley why.   Interest on the subject of space has not seen as much activity since the days of the space race in the 1950’s. However, unlike the […]

A Farewell To UCC’s Mummy- A huge W for Edward Said

Motley’s Editor-in-Chief Niamh Browne discusses the repatriation of UCC’s mummy and how the British Museum could learn a thing or two.    I don’t know if you’re sentimental about what happens to you after you die. I know I am not. Just fuck me into an old McDonald’s happy meal carton for all I care. […]