An all-new UCC publication aims to encapsulate the year that the world stood still. Campus Narrative is a zine which hopes to document, satirize and capture the zeitgeist of what a year of online college has been like, both for relatability and posterity. 


In a statement to Motley, JournoSoc’s chairperson Mia Poland has described the publication as: 


JournoSoc’s new publication, set up by our Publications Officer, Eoghan O’ Donnell. Its primary aim is to get students involved in writing who may not have had the opportunity before. Our main goal is to be that outlet for students to get creative and get involved so Campus Narrative has been established with this ethos in mind. Considering this, we have decided on the theme of ‘University Life in the time of Covid-19’ for the publication. All pieces are welcome, be it articles, poetry, diary entries, fiction, sketches or doodles documenting our time as students during lockdown. With quite little to do between this year and last, writing seems to be something that everyone can get involved in, we sure have enough time on our hands.’ 


You read it here first lads; Motley readers, contributors and editors, we need you!