Recently Deputy Features Editor Sarah O’Mahony sent two UCC students on a blind date to Alchemy Coffee Shop, Barracks Street. 21 students applied and Ciara and Matthew were chosen and sent off to face the snow and to identify each other when things were kept a little too blind. Ciara is a 22 year old French and Art History student from Clare and Matthew is a 23 year old Digital Arts and Humanities student from Cork City. 


What were you looking for from the date? 

Matthew (M) Not sure. Just a fun chat, mostly. 

Ciara (C) I just thought it would be something fun to do, and I had never gotten the opportunity to do anything like that before.


What was your first impression of them? 

(M) Good. She seemed nice and bubbly off the bat.

(C) He seemed so sweet, I was relieved that he wasn’t crazy or anything.


What did you talk about? 

(M) Bit of everything. Cartoons, sitcoms, religion, drinking, nightclubs, the snow.

(C) We talked a lot about sitcoms and cartoons. 


Cringiest moment of the date? 

(M) Not realising we were both in the cafe at the same time. We were both sitting at opposite ends of the cafe with a pillar in between us so even though we were looking around we couldn’t see each other or have any way to know we were meant to be meeting each other.

(C) Probably not being able to find each other in the tiny cafe for 20 minutes because we didn’t know what the other looked like. 


One thing you had in common?

(M) TV Shows. We both liked a lot of the same cartoons and sitcoms.

(C) I would say we both like art and creative things.


How long was the date? 

(M) An hour and a half. 

(C) Probably around 1 and a half hours. 


Did you guys go somewhere else after? 

(M) Nope

(C) No


Would you introduce them to your friends? 

(M) Ah yeah, probably. She was sound and easy to get on with.

(C) Yes I would, he was really polite.


What do you think they thought of you?

(M) She seemed to like me, I guess. That being said, she did just seem generally very bubbly, outgoing and friendly so that might have just been that. But she didn’t seem horrified by me by any means. Or at least if she was, she hid it well. 

(C) I honestly have no clue, he was kinda hard to read. 


Final impression of them? 

(M) She was great for a sense of chat and really easy to talk to. I wanted to meet someone who I could chat and banter with and I did get that. But overall, I think we probably had different senses of humour and liked doing different things outside of a shared interest in certain shows. 

(C) He was a super nice guy, very work oriented and funny.


Would you like to meet them again? 

(M) Yeah, we made tentative plans to get a drink or two in the future but I’d probably only want to as a friend. 

(C) Yes, why not. We got on really well, but I’m not sure if there was any romantic connection, there wasn’t that much flirting. I think it is kind of hard to judge because of the quiet cafe setting.

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