How The Internet Portrays Mental Illness – And What It Leaves Out

Motley Staff Writer Jessica O’ Brien explores the portrayal of mental illness on the internet and why it’s good to remember what our screens fail to show.    This piece contains candid discussions of mental illness, reader discretion is advised.   Published as part of Issue #3 in November 2021   If you’ve been on […]

Editorial #4 – Emer Walsh

While once again initially enthusiastic about returning to campus following the Christmas period, UCC students arrived back united in heartbreak by the most sickening of tragedies. Ashling Murphy’s murder has struck a deep chord in students nationwide, as just a few months ago, she herself was one of us.   As protocol dictates, debates regarding […]

For Ashling (by Alana Daly Mulligan)

Your name means ‘dream’ in our mother tongue; Of course we poets gift our daughters with such. Of course we would bestow them  with something they cannot touch.   We start dreams in A5 copybooks, Then carry them up our civic steps, Say yes to equality, yes to opportunity,  yes to women’s autonomy,   Yet,  […]

Beauty Hacks Straight From Your Kitchen

By Sarah Collins   Looking after your skin doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Motley Fashion Editor Sarah talks us through some easy, quick beauty hacks that you can make right at home.    Let’s be real here, cooking isn’t the only thing you can do in the kitchen. Here’s a gentle reminder that fresh […]

How Has Covid 19 Impacted The Fashion Industry

By Sarah Collins   Fashion Editor Sarah Collins takes a look at the fashion industry and how the ongoing pandemic has impacted the industry over the last few years.    In March 2020, when COVID-19 swept through the world at an unprecedented pace, it became clear that this virus would have long-lasting results not only […]

Babyteeth Film Review

James Kemmy discusses the fearless and poignant debut from Australian director Shannon Murphy Coming of age stories and more specifically, cinematic explorations of terminally ill teenage romance often teeter dangerously close to oversentimentality and can struggle to transcend redundant cliches. In the effort to realistically convey universal experiences and an elusive sense of nostalgia, both […]